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Boston Tea Company, tea packaging

Designing a line of packaging for a tea brand or company. Working with an existing brand and researching the companies current position in the market. Expanding the brand to build it consumers. Learning about how design increases shelf impact and runs consistently through various packages.


Boston Tea Campaign an Online company that sells Darjeeling tea in bulk Online, launches a special  collection to introduce this product into the US market. The design solution is to use the block printing method to make patters on paper. This printing method is typical of the textile found in the Darjeeling region of India. The illustration would use leaf motifs to narrate the fictional story of Darjeeling tea which is the “champagne of teas”.

The block print combines the eye and tea leaf pattern to speak to the mythical tale of a priest who ripped his eyelids, and threw them on the ground. Only to find a tea plant on his way back. He picks those leave and boils them. On drinking the hot water, he find peace and can put his mind to rest.

The seven sided shape is used to show the seven chakras of the body. Keeping them in balance denotes good mental and physical health. The experience of drinking tea is closely associated with balance and consciousness, therefore the structure of this packaging was fitting to the feeling I wanted the users to experience while using this product.