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The Chimpanzee Club / mfa thesis

How can we help Mumbai’s public school students pursue higher education and ultimately achieve better career





English education, the source of human capital in today’s economy can affect social issues-income inequality being one of them. Research for my thesis clearly showed that the lack of English Language proficiency is one of the main reasons students drop out of public schools in 8th grade. This in turn stops them from studying further and going to college.

View my entire Process Book which documents my research from start to finish.

Source: Employment and Inequality Outcomes in India Amitabh Kundu Jawaharlal Nehru University P. C. Mohanan Indian Statistical Service


Existing Challenges

  1. One English class offered.
  2. No proper assessment system
  3. Teacher low English language proficiency.


  1. Lack of exposure to English outside school.
  2. No extra help available.

For the Pilot , I worked with six students form the public school

Using the User Centered approach to problem solve helped me develop and test various solution with the end user. Working closely with the public school students at every step of this project, lead me to design solutions that were feasible and viable to them in their surrounding.



The final result of my thesis is in the form of a English Language Club pilot program. The Club uses the kinesthetic and visual learning method to engage and teach public school students English outside the formal setting of school, with the help of volunteers.

Chimpanzee Club is a non-profit program within a parent organization. It exists as an English language learning club for public students.

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