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Tiffin / UX Case study

This project was an effort to understand the basic principles of User experience design. I completed this project as my course work for General Assembly.

The end product is an app that allows people to form communities and cook collectively.

User persona’s were important in understanding the goals, needs, pain points and behavior patterns of my target audience.

The troll persona is always looking to break your product, understanding how they will misuse the product can help you  protect the legitimate users.

After interviewing several people,
my take away form the persona
building exercise was:

1. Its important to understand
what motivates the user.


2. What the user is trying to achieve
might be different from what s/he
think s/he wants. Observing the
user engage with the product can
help you understand what they are
trying to achieve.

High fidelity prototype for the Kitchens in your area section of the app and active kitchens the user is participating in.

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